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Upcoming Influencer Tour: Thursday, May 25, 2017 - Washington, DC
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UPC Influencer FAM Tours provide an intimate group of influencers that include bloggers, journalist/press and publicist an opportunity to discover multiple businesses, attractions and locations. The influencers are able to boost market visibility, help with market recognition and momentum in an efficient manner in 1-2.5 days.


During the 1-2.5 day tours, influencers meet with multiple companies for interactive presentations, tours, demos, etc. These opportunities can be seen as an exclusive, highly efficient, direct, and dedicated on-site product review, photo-op, testimonial, market research and press conference.  These tours provide an avenue where organizations and influencers can exchange ideas and insights in real time.


From these visits during the tour, our influencers then share their experience and publish real-time tweets, live video and photos to their growing following. They also publish content such as online articles, blogs and in-depth review videos.


Depending on the locations and the characteristic of the location, the UPC Influencer FAM Tours are able to be customized to fit the needs of the involved organizations. Most of our FAM Tours include a variety of influencers in multiple categories.

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